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Be A Star
Choices Live is the up to date resource on what is happening with the film. Check out these photographs are from the film set! To go back to the main site click on the logo above...

Ashton during a shoot
Ashton Whitty during a shoot.


Frank sleeping on set
Frank Maharaj, during a long shoot, catching some shut-eye.

Elizabeth outside
Actress Elizabeth O'Brick outside, ready for the scene.


Actress Elizabeth O'Brick getting her make-up done.


making a point
One of our leads, Frank Maharaj, playing the role of Ajay.


Two of our main characters, Amy and Andy, giggling on set.


looking bad
Gerald Franks, playing the role of he makes looking bad good.

crew girls
Two girls from our crew Jean & Nicole.

blue tongue
Don't worry, he's not in the movie.


Ivy in pjs
Dressing up for the shoot...Ivy Gullickson is playing supporting role of Misty.