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Be A Star
Choices Live is the up to date resource on what is happening with the film. Check out these photographs are from the film set! To go back to the main site click on the logo above...

Amy visiting Dr.Sharma
Lead actress, Elizabeth O'Brick, and supporting actor, Paul Sappal, on the shoot.


bad boy, Gabe
If he looks like trouble, then you know he must be...aka crew member Gabe.

Elizabeth sooo blue
Lead actress Elizabeth O'Brick posing for a quick snap shot.


Natural Blonde?
Supporting actor, Gerald Franks, playing around in the costume room.


who let IT on set?????
Crew member working on his dream role as It!


our Mr.Smith
Actor Michael Platt as Mr.Smith (not agent Smith). :)


One of our actors (gang member) warming up on set!

Ivy just chillin'
Supporting actress Ivy Gullickson before getting on camera.

hotel hallway
Our gear clogging the hallway in our hotel


pensive gabe
Gabe thinking things through while on set.