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Be A Star
Choices Live is the up to date resource on what is happening with the film. Check out these photographs are from the film set! To go back to the main site click on the logo above...

darren's hand
Boom-man, Darren, keeping everyone smiling with some card humor.


lead couple
Our leads taking a breath between takes (Elizabeth O'Brick & Frank Maharaj).

Garby listens
Our creative genius, writer & director, Garvey Bedwal, listening closely.


assisting at golfland
Filming at Golfland, there is our AD working away.


more sleeping
Is this all that happens on set? :)


filming in the park
Our lead actress, Elizabeth O'Brick, and main actor, Frank Maharaj, at the picnic table. Our DP, Damian Lucas, making the light perfect for the shot.


Our grip Gilby fending off the heat with some water.

filming at Golfland
Filming at Golfland off Blossom Hill road in San Jose.

Our DP, Damian, guarding our grip truck.


Our kid star Ashton, her tutor, Victoria, and crew member Tomas having a powow on the picnic benches at Golfland.